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La Brigada de Asma (Asthma Team) 2012


This is La Brigada de Asma’s fourth year traveling to Santa Rosa de Copán . The team consists of Tonya Barba and Emily Lee. Our team spent five days in the villages outside of Santa Rosa doing asthma training with physicians, nurses, monitors, and community volunteers . We saw 60 people within four villages!  The villages that we visited were La Entrada, San Marcos, San Francisco, and Corquin . The people in attendance at our trainings traveled anywhere from 1-3 hours to attend our training . The topics that we covered were: What is Asthma?; Symptoms; Warning Signs; Medications; How to Use Medication and Devices; and What to do in Case of an Emergency.  We also worked with CAMO to distribute nebulizer set-ups and compressors to each of the communities, which was wonderful.  We thank Century Diagnostics for their continued support.